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I'm Don Woods,

a product manager, writer, and podcaster working in San Francisco and living in Oakland.


I'm currently Senior Product Manager at SchoolMint, an online enrollment solution for K-12 schools whose customers include Chicago Public Schools, New York City Charter Schools, Denver Public Schools, and many more.  Prior to SchoolMint, I was a product manager at TuneIn, and there I managed the online radio product for many platforms including automobiles, smart TVs, and web browsers.  Before pivoting into product management, I spent ten years as an electrical engineer at Toyota, where i developed electronics for Toyota’s Sienna, Camry, and Tundra models and earned a patent 😎.

When I'm not managing products at SchoolMint, I'm writing, reading, or listening to something (mostly podcasts these days).  I like hip-hop, public radio, and reading nonfiction.  I'm prone to reference Dave Chappelle's stand-up or TV show.  Born and raised in Flint, Michigan, I'm a Michigan engineer and Chicago Booth grad.

I write publicly, and you can find a lot of my stuff on my Medium page.  Most of it falls into one of three categories: tech stuff, culture, and personal life.  Here are a few favorites:

Tech Stuff

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Additionally, I have a couple other creative projects coming soon! Check back for more information. Thanks for visiting!